Helen Kippax


About Me

I am based in the North of England but travel widely and enjoy the working facilities of both a cottage garret studio in Staithes Village on the North Yorkshire coast and an engineering workshop in the rolling hills of the Derbyshire Peak District.

In my evolution from student through working woman to mother of children and onwards to family manager and working mother I have always found some time to make art and to share the process with my nearest and dearest. By definition this happens in fits and starts and until only recently it has always been greatly dependent on external factors beyond my immediate control. Nevertheless the many drawings and paintings that I still have in my possession today confirm that I have always been unusually fascinated with teardrops spirals and lemniscates.

On entering Art School as a mature student I was encouraged to explore my thoughts in the context of the history of art generally and critical art theory as recorded by others. It will come as no surprise to others who have ventured down this path to realise that it has been well trodden by many a famous forerunner not least Leonardo da Vinci himself who understood it in the context of the divine proportion. It is of course also central to many academic treatises on the golden section or the route five rectangle. For me it remains a thing of beauty which I continue to see in nature on a daily basis whether in the shape of sea shells on the beach at Staithes or in a bowl of fruit or a freshly cut flower.

Today I am uncommonly well read on the subject of this ‘sacred knowledge’ a combination of science, nature and spirituality. I now appreciate that it determines the growing organic form of most things from the bone structure of small animals to the geological forms of oceans meeting land masses. I am no mathematician but I do now appreciate that when I observe fractals in nature they are all hand in glove with Fibonacci sequences, natural logarithms, sine waves and hyperbolic curves.

That said, my interest is driven by the nature that surrounds me; the process of change and the development of an organism is endlessly fascinating. I am drawn ever further into an artist’s exploration of that process.